20Q® at New York Toy Fair 2011

OTTAWA, CANADA, February 07, 2011—The world will be watching as A.I. innovators, 20Q.net Inc., join toy industry leaders, Techno Source U.S.A., to unveil their highly anticipated new handheld game at the Toy Industry Association Toy Fair in New York City on February 13, 2011. The partnership officially marks the next generation of the award-winning 20Q®, the hit game that combines a witty personality with a sophisticated A.I. that magically reads your mind.

Players think of an animal, vegetable, mineral or anything else they can dream up and 20Q® guesses what they’re thinking in twenty questions or less. Fans of the original, highly addictive 20Q® are in for a few surprises when the new and improved version hits store shelves this fall.

“We’ve taken 20Q®, the game loved by kids and adults of all ages, to a whole new level by giving it a mystical new look, a more powerful personality, and an even more impressive artificial intelligence,” said Eric Levin, president, Techno Source.

While every aspect of the classic version has been extensively redesigned from the ground up, fans will be most amazed by how good 20Q® has become at detecting when players are trying to trick the A.I.

“20Q® has left players intrigued and mystified by its all-knowing senses for more than 20 years,” said Robin Burgener, inventor of the 20Q® A.I. “The team at Techno Source really gets the personality of 20Q® and together we have created a whole new modern way to play that’s even more magical. We’re excited to see people of all ages become mesmerized all over again!”

The Toy Industry Association Toy Fair takes place in New York City from February 13-15, 2011. 20Q.net’s revolutionary new 20Q® handheld game will be on display at the Techno Source booth (#3151).

About 20Q.net Inc.
20Q® is an award-winning artificial intelligence (A.I.), a website, a company and a phenomenon that speaks for itself at http://20Q.net. Players think of something, and 20Q® guesses what’s on their mind in twenty questions or less. Robin Burgener developed the technology in 1988 and since its creation, the 20Q® A.I. has played nearly 80 million games and asked more than one-and-a-half-billion questions. With its ability to learn and discern, it has evolved from an experiment in artificial intelligence into viable commercial applications. 20Q® has found its liberation and now exists off-the-Net on multiple platforms, in various manifestations.

About Techno Source
One of the fastest growing companies in the toy business, Techno Source is a privately held toy company headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices in New York. The company is committed to delivering high-quality toys and games featuring top-tier licensed brands at aggressive price points. Its award-winning branded product portfolio includes 20Q®, Tetris®, Disney®, Rubik’s®, Nickelodeon, Bicycle® (The United States Playing Card Company), IntellivisionTM, Guess What I Am!™, and Electronic Touch-Screen Sudoku™.

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