20Q boldly goes where no A.I. has gone before

OTTAWA, CANADA, April 10, 2008—20Q.net is putting its artificial intelligence (A.I.) into warp speed to bring players 20Q Star Trek, the latest version of the hugely popular online game that can “read your mind.” In a partnership with CBS Paramount and Mattel, Ltd., 20Q promises to deliver an eerily accurate sci-fi Web game with a truly universal appeal.

Tribbles and phasers and Spock! Oh, my! 20Q Star Trek will test the knowledge of the most die-hard Trekkies by asking players to think of any sentient being, place or thing from Gene Roddenberry’s 42-year-old enterprise. The witty 20Q A.I. will then guess what the player is thinking in twenty questions or less. If fans want a chance of stumping the game, they had better do some Trek homework, because with each game played, the A.I. gets a little smarter.

20Q dares players to stump the A.I., who has become expert in everything about Harry Potter, The Simpsons, music, sports, movies, TV, people, the Old Testament, the Time Lord Doctor Who, and the U.K.’s longest running soap, Coronation Street. It’s too soon to tell, but someday 20Q may even help you select a baby name (check out the 20Q Name Game.)

Make it so. Visit http://20Q.net and try to stump the newest version of the compelling, spooky, addictive 20Q.

About 20Q.net Inc.

20Q is an artificial intelligence, a website, a company and a phenomenon that speaks for itself at http://20q.net. Players think of something, and 20Q guesses what is on their mind, in twenty questions or less.

Each time the online game is played it learns a little more. After more than 62,000,000 games played and half a billion questions asked, 20Q has evolved from an experiment in artificial intelligence into a software development firm that licenses games built on the capabilities of the 20Q A.I.

Inventor Robin Burgener has nurtured this A.I. technology since he created it in 1988. The 20Q A.I. played 2,000 games in the first ten years of its existence. By April 2008, more than 60 million games were played. 20Q has been translated into more than 20 languages, so now more players from around the world can test its knowledge. Handheld versions of the original 20Q Classic (in nine languages), 20Q Harry Potter, 20Q People, 20Q TV, 20Q Rock & Pop, and 20Q Sports are in stores now, with more specialty versions to come. Check it out at http://20Q.net.

Licensed to Radica Games USA Ltd., a subsidiary of Mattel, Ltd., millions of the popular and addictive handheld versions have been sold worldwide. The original handheld 20Q game has won many awards, including the 2006 Toy Industry Association’s Electronic Toy of the Year Award and the 2007 U.K. Toy Retailers’ Association Special Recognition Award.

If it doesn't say 20Q, how can it read your mind?
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