Radica announces new 20Q products

Patti Saitow, VP of global marketing services at Radica Games announced two new products based on 20Q.net Inc.'s Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technology. Radica licenses the 20Q technology from 20Q.net Inc., and is our most successful technology licensee to date.

"20Q was one of our best-selling products last year and we expect it to continue to do very well," said Patti. "With the newer versions, we've extended the data assimilation by almost 15 months. The longer that 20Q learns, the more intelligent it gets," she said. "We think users will be amazed by how much smarter 20Q is now."

Commenting on the new products, the 20Q A.I.'s inventor, Robin Burgener, said: "The number of games played at 20q.net to teach the newer versions is about five times higher than when Radica first licensed the A.I. The new versions will definitely be much smarter."

Radica showcased the new versions of 20Q at the Toy Industry Association's American International Toy Fair in New York City (February 17 - 23, 2005). Robin Burgener was also in attendance at the T.I.A. event to promote the 20Q brand. Details about the new products, expected to hit retail shelves in July, appear below:

20Q Challenge
(Ages 8 and up; $24.99)
The 20Q Challenge has a 360 degree format that enables multiple users to view at the same time.
  It features a large, floating LED array that displays the questions and reveals the answer. The best part is that unlike the previous version of the game, this one has an "undo" button and even sound effects like a taunting evil laugh.
  Big Screen 20Q Deluxe
(Ages 8 and up; $19.99)
This new design allows for handheld, tabletop or desktop play.

If it doesn't say 20Q, how can it read your mind?
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